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Love Is No Joke

Viktor Tsoi died tragically on August 15th thirty years ago. Joanna Stingray recorded an English version of her friend 's song, Love Is No Joke" in 1987, but she never released it. Now she has made it into a music video with the help of director George Itzhak, using her archival footage, including never before seen moments of Victor Tsoi's life in the 1980's.

"I am so proud to present this video. It captures the fun and the pure joy and laughter of my sweet, dear friend Victor and our time together in the 80's. He was such a genuine, honest and wonderful person and I hope all his fans around the world appreciate this tribute to their iconic hero. Tsoi will live forever in our hearts!" Joanna Stingray


Joanna Stingray

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Ten Years in Video

Part 1 of Joanna Stingray Ten Years in Video

Ten Years in Video

Part 2 of Joanna Stingray Ten Years in Video

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Fso Eta Rock N' Roll

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